JRenewal for Risk Management

Reduce Your Risks with JRenewal

Protect Customers with High Lifetime Value and Drop Clients With Loss Potential.

IBM Decision Automation and Analytics will help you profitably grow your portfolio.

We first asses your renewal rules. Document revise and implement them on world's #1 decisioning platform. Ease of management in IBM Decision Center will enable business users to simulate, change, test and deploy new versions easily.

In the second stage our analytics team analysis your customer scores like Customer Lifetime Value, Policy Profit/Loss Ratio, Overall Loss Ratio, Customer Segment, Price Sensitivity, Churn Score. Help you fill the gaps by applying advanced analytics. Our solutions can be implemented on SPSS, Watson AI, Knime or onAnaconda using R and Phyton.

On the third stage we implement our real-time analytics engine as part of your business rules where you can score advanced renewal risks under a second. The risk scores can than be used as an authorization flag, a decline for a policy request or a price change which can be calculated not only on micro segment but your individual customer.