Claims / Policy Automation / Leakage Control


Health Claims and PreAuthorisation Platform

Health Insurance Claims and PreAuthorisation management is a complex process. We have spent over hundred man years to perfect our solution for your needs.

JSure platform is a custom enterprise solution which works as a part of your core insurance system.

Core Functions

  • Web based claims file entry

  • Approval Flows

  • Payments Management for Providers

  • Document Exchange with Health Providers


  • Doctor, Speciality and Title Catalog

  • Core Insurance Platforms

  • Pricing Integration with JMed

  • Policy Rules Integration with JRules

  • Integration with UW Exemptions

  • Intgegration with Hospital Information Systems

  • Integration with Pharmacies Through JPharmacy


Policy Rules Management

Each policy is different so is JRules. We know you have hundreds of different enterprise customers and each is changing original policy templates.

JRules has three contract layers

  • Insurance Provider Policy of Conduct

  • Insurance Policy Base Rules for Each Health Product

  • Additional Policy Rules Accustomed to your Enterprise Customers Needs

We have screened over hundred thousand pages of insurance policies and created over 2000 business rules to match your needs.

The platform is full customisable by your policy managers and products owners thanks to Decision Center. JRules is a unique design implemented on IBM Operational Decision Manager the leading rules solution with %30 market share.

JRules is fully integrated with JPolicy Manager for ease of Group Policy creation. Each Group policy has it's own collection of rules.

Scope of Rules

  • Covered and Uncovered Diseases Groups for inpatient, outpatient and treatment

  • Network Management Rules

  • Policy Management Rules

  • Pricing/Service Procurement Rules

  • Deductables and Cover Limit Rules

  • Covers Management

  • Pharmacy and Vaccination Rules

  • Waiting Period Management

  • Emergency Admission Rules

  • Maternity and New Born Rules

  • VIP Rules

Over 250 parameters are checked and controlled

  • ICD-10 Codes, Health Service Codes,

  • Age , Gender,

  • Waiting Periods

  • Doctor Speciality

  • Cover Limits and Cover Redirection

  • Surgery/Inpatient Rules

  • UW Exemptions

  • Patient History

JPolicy Manager

Good Job! You have the new enterprise group deal and signed the contract ! Now you need to onboard your insured and define special rules that your new enterprise customer has asked from you to sign deal. Thanks to JRules you have a catalog having thousands of rules to match up with the contract items.

We all know it's hard to implement new rules and it quickly becomes another IT project which takes months to implement while your pre-authorisation/claims team struggle to manually run the operations.

Thanks to JRules you are able to implement new rules in hours instead of months. Once the necessary rules are in place it's time to call the policy production team.

Policy production is a key area where small mistakes take out millions from your budget. It's very important to chose the right rules which comply with the contract. Yes it's a 50 page contract which generally has two hundred business rules but which to choose from is a dilemma for the ordinary.

So we made it easy for any employee to choose from a simplified selection process step by step.

First you choose which illnesses are covered, than you choose waiting periods, limits, cover redirections, pregnancy and maternity emergency admission rules and whoala! you have made it the first time and correctly thanks to JPolicy Managers intuitive easy to use interface.

JMed Master Data

Now you have the system and technology but what about medical master data. Our team of Medical Doctors specialised in insurance has worked for years to perfect our catalog for a system with minimum leakage available on the market.

Scope of JMed

  • Full Health Services Codes for TTB and HUV

  • Full Service Codes of 12 Health Providers which holds %50 of market (200'000+ Code Mappings)

  • Mapping of all Government Catalogs and Health Service Provider Catalogs into HUV++ (14500 Code Mappings)

  • Medical Doctor Speciality Catalog (100+ Medical Speciality and Groupings)

  • ICD-10 Extended Catalog (18000+ ICD-10 codes)

  • Illness Groupings (800 Illness Groups matched with service codes, ICD-10 codes,Service + ICD*10 codes, Doctor Speciality Branch )

  • UW Exemption Codes (1250+ Codes with ICd10, Service Code) Mappings

JSure B2B

Integration with Health Providers is a rigorous task, JSure B2B is a tested environment for the enterprises.

One standardized approach for the network means simpler, faster integration. Our teams are ready to onboard your biggest health providers in days instead of months.

Scope Of Integration Services:

  • Policy Validity Check

  • Submit a Claim File

  • Get Status of Pending Claims Files

  • Exchange Documents

  • Report Claims For Payment

  • Settlement

  • Health Service Codes Master Data

  • Policy Validity Check

JPACS for Medical Image Transfer

In order to authorize medical procedures many times insurance medical doctors request radiology results and images for eligibility. These documents sometimes takes days to transfer and review.

With JPACS in minutes your medical reviewers cas access to all medical images and lab results whether from a desktop or the comfort of a mobile phone.

JPACS uses international PACs standart to communicate with medical imaging devices and lab testing equipment. Philips Healthcare, GE Medical, Siemens Healthcare and many other global brands provide support for PACS standart.


It's best that you take your medication and go to rest ! Wait a minute can authorisation of an prescription with an insurance company take as long as thirty minutes? Sometimes it does.

With JPharmacy your customers can get online authorisations within seconds while you control dosage, gender, vaccination rights, doctor speciality, equivalent medication, pricing and many other aspects described in your health insurance policy.

UW Exemptions and disease related medication exclusion are also part of the solution which can stop medicinal leakage.

Permanent medication plans are also managed for ease of use and customer satisfaction.

Pharmacies can run the settlement processes with the Insurance Provider. Payment requests, delivery of prescriptions and all necessary collateral documents can easily be achieved with a click of a button.

JPharma Catalog

Medicine change, new drugs are introduced into market while other are removed. Prices and dosage change. JForce medical team makes sure you are up to date with each new medication, prices and content.