Management Board

Member Of Board, Founder

Nazmi Sağlam

Nazmi Sağlam a father of four was born in 1956. He enrolled in military high school Kuleli Askeri Lisesi in 1971. He continued his training in Kara Harp Okulu and his MBA degree in Middle East Technical University and graduated in 82.He started his carrier as an academic instructor in finance and systems architecture. In '85 he was assigned to Turkish Gendarmerie General Headquarters in budgeting department. In '86 he was chosen for an accelareted MIS program in Middle East Technical University where he fell in love with programming.

He was always after new technologies innovations and challanged his team mates for new discoveries. He was assigned as the head of Turkish Gendarmerie IT Department in '86. Among many other projects he and his team delivered the first military GIS system, extended use of AS/400 systems to all cities in Turkey, deployed first finger print security and GBT systems (search system for outlaws). In '99 he retired as a lieutenant colonel.After two years of executive IT consulting he founded Elikasu in 2001 and JForce in 2003. He was the general manager for the first ten years of JForce where he was responsible for the successful growth of the company.

He believes the success comes with choosing the right people; who are in love with their profession, come to work in peace and continuously invest in knowledge. The motto of JForce was "We always put ourselves in the shoes of IT managers and never offer a solution which we would'nt choose for ourseves"

Member Of Board,Chairman, Co-Founder,CFO

Serdar Özkanem

Serdar a father of two was born in in İstanbul ,1964. He went to TED Ankara College and like his father he wanted to joined the army at a young age. He graduated from Kuleli Military HighSchool at '81 and Kara Harp Okulu at'85. He started his career in Military Maintenance Factory in 89 than he moved to several positions at Tunceli and Ankara. Winning a military scholarship he was one of the few talented to enroll in Middle East Technical university accelarated Computer Science program at 1990. After graduation he changed to millitary correspondance class i and served in Military Electronics & Information Systems Office.

He accomplished many major projects in logistics, maintenance, distributed computing during his service and built resilient systems till 2001 as he left the army as a commander.

He is one of the co-founders of JForce where he led the systems division. He served as a General Manager of JForce between 2012 and 2017 where JForce became a platinum partner in the systems and increased investments IBM Middleware software.

Now he is the Chairman of the management board and responsible for finance.

Chief Executive Officer,Co-Founder

Erkan Ergün

He was born in 1965 in Diyarbakır. His father was a military officer like him and he lived in different parts of the country during childhood. He enrolled in Kuleli Askeri Lisesi in 1978 and graduated as a military officer in 1986 from Kara Harp Okulu.

He served his country as a millitary officer and division commander in Kayseri , Malatya, Diyarbakır and Ankara. In 1991 he followed his passion for computing systems and enrolled in accelerated Computer Sciences training in Middle East Technical University .

As a hardware system operations officer he helped Turkish Jandarmary setup country wide IT operations in 120 centers. It was the first network, desktop computing and server infrastructure for distributed systems.

He joined many trainings and seminars in France, England and Germany regarding information security, finger print authentication systems and server infrastructure.

In 2001 he decided to become an entrepreneur and retired from military service and setup his first company in 2001 serving insurance companies like YapıKredi and HDI Insurance with high end server and business continuity solutions. He delivered x.25 network systems, IBM iSeries host computing solutions , crypto and ecryption solutions to clients in retail and financial services sector.

In 2003 Elikasu partners decided to dissolve Elikasu and established JForce.

Since 2003 Erkan has served as a Marketing & Sales Manager, CFO and since 2018 he has been serving as the Managing Director and Board member of the company.

Member Of Board,Co-Founder

Emre Altınayar

Emre was born in 1963 Eskişehir, he is a father of two. He enrolled in Kuleli Military High School and graduated at 1981 and continued his education in Turkish Military Academy and graduated as a Mechanical Engineer.

He served in Logistics & Maintenance divisions of military and earned a scholarship for Middle East Technical University accelerated Computer Engineering program in 1991. He served as Software Development Officer, Software Office Manager and retired as a commander in 2003 and co-founded JForce.

His major projects were YapıKredi Insurance Accounting and Financial Portfolio management suite, RPG to Java conversion tool, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce online services platform, Hyundai Turkey Maintenance Suite, YapıKredi Insurance online, integrated MTPL sales platform, JPharmacy online health insurance suite, YKB Insurance Network onboarding and price management suite, Tarsim Core Insurance platform, Eximbank Core Banking platform with IBM BPM, Anadolu Insurance Health Claims Management Suite.

He led JForce Software division for fifteen years and now he is overseeing software projects as a member of board and guiding us everyday.

Software & Business Development Director

Ümit Sile

He is responsible for new product development, directing software team and marketing activities of JForce. He acts as a principal architect and a Subject Matter Expert in Key Insurance projects. Over his 25+ years in information technologies he has delivered hundreds of software projects.Prior to joining JForce management team he was a Brand Manager in IBM responsible for Websphere portfolio.

He acted as a Project Manager and Lead Solution Architect in Siemens IT Solutions and Services. He began his professional career in Armada (A Top Networking Distributor) acted as a product specialist, product group manager and lately as a CIO.

He was an entrepreneur for ten years who co-founded Bilsan Ltd and Technology Transformation Group and executed several sw development, process management and CRM solutions to clients in ISO 250 of Turkey.

He graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University with Masters Degree in Business Management and Istanbul Technical University as an engineer. He is a certified architect, project manager and a father of two.

Sales Manager

Kerem Eyigün

Kerem was born 1984, İstanbul he is a father of one. He graduated from visual communication and design from İstanbul Commerce University.

He started in CNN Turk as a visual arts coordinator. He was part of the dSmart,'s Sport Channel establishment as an assitant to General manager. He setup the program schedule, channel strategy and started tthe program. He joined AvNet as a marketing manager in 2010. In 2011 he moved sales team as an IBM hardware solutions Account Manager. He was responsible for the Key accounts and Geo Expansion initiative.

He played major role in growing AvNet's IBM market share in Turkey from %20 to %92 in 6 years. He was managing a portfolio of 25m$. He became a product group manager in 2014 for Lenovo & IBM products and managed the account team. He joined JForce in 2016 as an account executive and quickly adapted IBM's Middleware Software portfolio . He became a sales team leader in 2018 and led systems growth initiative.

In 2019 he became the Sales Manager and he is leading Software, Outsourcing and Systems business lines. Under his management JForce software revenue quadrupled and outsourcing business line had an exponential growth. He is a sea lover and enjoys sailing, scuba diving, fishing.

Ankara Office Head

Kenan Altınsaat

Kenan Altınsaat a father of two, was born in Samsun Bafra 1961. His father was a veterinary surgeon and led government's agriculture enterprise in Samsun. He decided to join military training in Kuleli Military High School - 1976 and continued his degree in Turkish Military Academy. After graduation he served his country in Balıkesir, Gaziantep, Ankara and Diyarbakır as a Colenel Lieutenant.

In 1986 he pursued his passion in technology and started software development training in a private center and 1987 he enrolled in Middle East Technical University Computer Engineering degree. In 2002 he had his master's degree in organizational management and in 2003 became head of Turkish Gendarmery IT. He served as head of IT organization for three years. Between 2006-09 he served as head of Gendarmery Electronic & Communications Supply, Storage and Maintenance unit. Between 2009-12 he was head of Gendarmery Quality Assurance unit.

Kenan retired as a Colonel and joind JForce in April 2012 as head of Ankara Office. Under his guidance Ankara region delivered many multi million dolar projects like "Turkish State Railway Carier" e-ticket virtualization infrastructure, "Ministry of transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications" - Service Integration & Security project, "Turkish Post Telegraph Company" - Cargo infrastructure project.

He was elected as Ankara branch manager of Turkish Informatics Association TBD, under his guidance JForce Ankara office growing as a trusted systems integrator and consulting firm.

Public Relations & Marketing Manager

Baturalp Sağlam

Baturalp was born in Ankara 1983, a father of two. He has graduated from Business Administration . He has started his carier very early in his high school years building websites and he became a database administrator and developed analytic reports for Renault-Mais and Profilo.

He continued his carier in automative industry as an enterpreneur and invested in car tuning, modification and mechanics shop. Later, He became a service manager in one of the leading Chrysler/Jeep dealer in Ankara.

In 2015 he joined JForce as a business development and marketing manager and led the R&D teams building demand and production forecasting solutions for energy industry.

With his passion for innovation and excellence he is leading JForce growth strategy in MEA region.