Solutions For Health Insurance

Claims / Policy Automation / Leakage Control


Health Claims and PreAuthorisation Platform


Policy Rules Management

JPolicy Maker

New policy creation made as easy as possible. Stop production leakage with JPolicy Rules Manager

JMed Master Data

Services, Prices, Specialities, Illness Groups, UW Exemption Groups

JSure B2B

APIs for Private Health Providers and Goverment Social Security

JPACS for Medical Image Transfer

Master Data For Al Health Solutions


Insurance Provider Integration and Claims Platform for Pharmacies

JPharma Catalog

Medicine Catalog for Claims

Fraud / Abuse Management / Analytics & Reporting

JBig Anomaly Detection

Detect Anomalies, Track Critical KPIs, Reduce Your Costs, Improve Claims Automation

MediRadar for Healthcare

Instantly Reject claims which has irrelated Disease Codes and Services

Underwriting Management and Policy Production

Better Customer Service

JSure Mobile PreAuthorisation


Inform your patients while waiting for preauthorisation