Better Customer Service

JInform for Health Insurance

Arent we all annoyed of waiting for preAuthorisation in a clinic ? Well sometimes it's not the insurance company we are waiting for.

JInform can increase your customer satisfaction through informing patients as soon as the authorisation request is made, approved or sent to review. As part of our holistic customer experience approach optimizing this touch point can also be integrated with an AI Chatbot for customer steering.

Customer Steering for Health Insurance

What if you can decrease your costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Whether you need to run a blood test or take an MRI there can be a better alternative.

Using your past incidents and pre-authorisation requests JSteering for Health Insurance will predict next actions to be taken and inform your customer whether there is another facility nearby where you can get your tests and imaging cheaper, faster and to the highest standards while earning digital coins for Starbucks.

Customer Steering is a very sensitive process, our AI and rule based solution will select best cases for referral taking into consideration policy type, VIP status, cover limits, geo location, severity of the situation based on ICD-10 codes, pricing of services, delivery capacity of health institution, processing time for labs so that your clients and you get the best results.

Underwriting Rules Management for Healthcare

UW Automation Rules for Health Insurance delivers upto %90 straight through processing for your teams.

Whether you are using digital onboarding tools or classic forms we capture key critical illness indicators and decide whether to implement a surprim or an exemption.

With that information your medical underwriting personal can easily make assessment of the files that only requires attention.