Retail Banking

Remote contracts is the new standard. Covid-19 made it the first priority for retail banks to re-Invent their Digital Onboarding Processes.

Using our advanced face recognition, license and citizen ID recognition SDK which can be implemented on a mobile app you can revolutionize your onboarding process within days.

Our SDK bundled with IBM's Digital Business Automation enables enterprises to draw and implement agile process, monitor business performance and getter higher customer satisfaction scores.

Digital Onboarding Anywhere is part of our Clever Banking solution portfolio click for more.

Dynamic Pricing

As the market strives for maximizing customer profit your investors wont let you run the lowest interest rates all the time as part of your growth strategy. As JForce dynamic pricing kicks in you keep the best rates only for the customers that you want to keep. Use your customer segments, analytical scores, life time value , credit risk score as part of your pricing initiative.

JForce Dynamic pricing manages over hundred retail banking products' interest rates such as deposit rates, mortgage rates , microcredit rates as well as commissions for each type of banking service provided.

JForce Dynamic Pricing is built upon IBM Operational Decision Center as your command and control center. Now your product managers can change prices for different customer lines as well as authorize special deals through the embedded governance platform.

Credit Card Retention

You worked so hard to put that credit card in to your customer's wallet as part of your marketing campaign, or maybe it is still in an unopened envelop. As customers deny to use multiple credit cards and call for cancellation requests you need to be ready.

Based on customer demographics, spending behaviour, age, number of products being used, credit risk we optimize your retention campaign.

Your call center agent can now see the best retention campaign that's fit to that specific time and situation.

Built on award winning IBM Decision Center now your credit card retention teams manage update and test business rules.

Risk Scoring

Customer risk scoring, is based on customer information using a specific formula rule algorithm to identify the customer risk level of the score,

Automated customer risk scoring improves the timeliness of risk management, ensures consistent scoring decisions, reduces manual intervention, and automates business processes to reduce operational costs. Usually companies want the scoring mechanism can be adjusted according to the situation, including scoring parameters, calculation formula, risk factors and so on. If you implement scoring logic in a way that uses code or a database parameter table, its flexibility is often difficult to meet the user's expectations.

Market Acoustics

What if your campaign management team could create new campaigns in minutes, easily integrate with customer databases and analytical score engines.

Decide which channel to use, when to use... Optimize your campaign budget and target most profitable opportunities.

Market acoustics built on IBM's market leading analytics, integration and optimization software makes complex next best offer and next best action